Eat the foods you love again
Smile & talk with confidence
Say good-bye to being self-conscious 
about your smile
Enjoy your sense of taste again
Live without the hassles of adhesives
Have your implants done in the morning, eat  corn on the cob that night
Enjoy the quick transition to a new smile, without the slow healing time of traditional implants
                  Most experience minimal 
to no discomfort as you transition to a more
                  natural feeling smile
  a second chance for      
   denture wearers...
     how mini mplants
    can work for you!
Single Crowns
Stablizing Partials
 Anchoring Dentures
An Alternative to Root Canals?
Yes, it's true!  For many years, the recommended treatment for cracked 
and mildly infected teeth, has been a root canal followed by a crown.  
Together, the treatment averages well over $2000, and over 30% of root 
canals fail within three years!  Now, with mini implants lowering the cost of the implant option, there is another choice.

Often times, an implant supported crown is a less expensive option 
than a root canal post and crown...and an implant supported crown can be completed in only one visit (verses the multiple visits often required with
a traditional root canal and crown).
 Anchoring Bridgework
If you have an existing bridge that needs to be replaced, mini implants offer a great alternative to traditional bridge.  Without an implant, you would be forced to anchor your replacement bridge with another healthy tooth  even further away from the missing tooth or teeth.  With mini implants, you can stablize your replacement bridge without disturbing or compromising any of your other healthy teeth.  With  care for the implant crown, it should last longer than the previous, traditional bridge. An implant supported crown is usually less expensive than a three unit bridge*.

“I can’t believe how much

  more confidence I have in

  my smile...”         ---Bonita A.

Single Tooth Replacement
Compared to a traditional cemented bridge, a mini implant supported crown has many advantages:

A mini implant supported crown is less expensive than a three-unit bridge.

Preserving adjacent Teeth
When you replace a tooth with a mini implant supported crown, you don't have to destroy the good tooth structure of the adjacent teeth.

Avoiding Stress on Anchoring Teeth
An implant supported crown does not put excessive loads and stress on your remaining teeth, usually resulting in the crown outlasting a traditional bridge.

No Worries About Decay or Periodontal Disease
You don't have to worry about decay or gum disease on the anchoring, adjacent teeth.  Once the abutment tooth or teeth begin to decay or get periodontal problems, the bridge is compromised.

Founding Member/International

Academy ofMini Dental Implants

"All around, it was a very pleasant experience... "

                           ----Jerri P.

Anchoring bridgework